Lass mich daruber erzahlen Romance Plot Ideas and Romance Writing Prompts

On this list of romance writing prompts, I’ve tried to include ideas that could work for paranormal romance, fantasy, young adult, romantic Anspannung, contemporary romance, and more. As long as you put a fresh twist on them, they can all inspire unique love Geschichte ideas.

This is really a romance plot Stromgenerator inside Hinterlist Qualität, with big ideas for entire plots. Of course, to write an engrossing romantic story–whether Informationstechnologie’s a straight-up romance, or a subplot As part of a different Nachkomme of book or movie–it has to have strong conflict. Like Shakespeare said, “The course of true love never did run smooth.” Obstacles give your characters the Gunst der Stunde to change and grow as people, and to prove how much they really do love each other. Informationstechnologie also gives them interesting things to do.

Some of these are cute romance plot ideas, and some could even be dark romance plot ideas. Obviously the possibilities here are endless. I’ve used pronouns randomly, and any of these plot starters can work for any pairing.

Klammer aufBy the way, if you’re writing romance, you might also Beryllium interested in my post about three great ways to Auftritt your character is inside love.Klammer zu

Even if you don’t use something from here, it may make you think of something else. That’s how lists work, which is why I like to do them!

1. They have character flaws… Honestly, every real-life romance deals with this, and Informationstechnik should probably come up Bei any Schwank about a relationship. Maybe he’s too selfish or lazy. Maybe she’s too rash, or too fearful. Maybe one of them is too negative, and needs to stop being sic cynical. This could lead to one of them making a big, stupid mistake, and needing to make amends and get the other person’s forgiveness.

2. She’s already ruled him out… she made up her mind a long time ago that she would only marry a man with a title, or she would never Rendezvous A radler again.

3. They are competitors… for the same Arbeitsplatz, the same championship, und so weiter

4. They are straight-up enemies… He wants to buy the land to build a resort, and she wants Informationstechnik to get turned into a nature sanctuary. He’s the defense attorney, and she’s the prosecutor. They’re soldiers on opposing sides of the war… the possibilities are endless here!

5. He already won… he inherited an estate that should have been hers, or he got the job that she had been hoping to be promoted into, and she’s seething.

6. He broke her heart hinein the past. Maybe there was a good reason behind it, or maybe he was A blödmann then and realizes it now. It’s possible he just ignored her.

7. She did her wrong As part of the past… or maybe she wronged her family member or friend. öffnende runde KlammerOr did sheEta That family member or friend might have Liedgut.)

8. He did something wrong Bei the past, period. Although she wasn’t the victim, EDV is pretty Heilquelle. How can she be sure he’s changed?

9. She has trust issues… her Belastung relationship ended hinein a terrible betrayal.

10. He has intimacy issues… maybe because of a traumatic past, he feels too vulnerable if anyone knows about his echt emotions or weaknesses. Maybe she’s a psychic, a behavioral expert, or just the one Charakter who can see right through him… and Informationstechnik makes him uncomfortable as gleißend.

11. She doesn’t trust her dating choices… she’s gotten involved with several losers As part of a row, and she’s taking a break–maybe a permanent one.

12. She believes no one can truly love her… because she Larve a terrible mistake within the past, or she’s Elend attractive inside the conventional manner, or she’s a “fallen woman” As part of a repressive era, or whatever.

13. They are good friends… and they don’t want to risk ruining their friendship by taking it to the next level.

14. They are co-workers… and they don’t want to make things weird Tora the office, bar, or wherever they both work.

15. She’s freaked out by Weltgesundheitsorganisation he really is… a werewolf, ex-con, or whatever.

16. He has a secret… he’s in a witness protection program, he’s a hacktivist, his father is literally the Devil, or something of that sort. (When she finds out, the conflict may turn into the one above. Or maybe she’ll surprise him and Beryllium like, “You’re A nerdEffizienz Dude, that is sic hot.”Klammer zu

17. Edv was supposed to Beryllium Pimpern only… they were going to be friends with benefits, or maybe he’s a male escort. Falling hinein love goes against the original Anordnung.

XVIII. Their love was supposed to Beryllium fake… they were pretending to Beryllium Bei love or married, or they entered a marriage of convenience. It can’t Beryllium wahrhaft, can itEnergieeffizienz On a related note…

19. He had been faking Informationstechnik at first… he Larve a bet that he could bed her, or pretended to like her sic he could learn her secrets and Beryllium the Medienvertreter who broke the Schwank.

20. She was stuck with him… he’s a Ehehälfte on a Stellung when she wanted to do EDV by herself, or he rescued her when she ended up being actually pretty happy where she is. She doesn’t want to admit she’s actually falling for him.

21. He has sittliche Werte qualms… he’s her Chef, her teacher, her captor, or something like that. Or maybe she’s the sister or ex-girlfriend or his best friend, and that gives him Unterlass.

22. She’s a beste lesbische Dating-Seiten mess… She’s grieving the death of her husband, Gatte, or child, or she had PTSD from battle or some other terrible experience.

23. Their love is forbidden by others… elektronische Datenverarbeitung’s against the rules, spoken or unspoken, of their family, organization, Netzwerk, or Theismus.

24. He’s into something she doesn’t like… Informationstechnik could Beryllium an addiction, like alcohol, laudanum, or gambling, or a Anstellung, like boxing or defending corrupt clients Bei court. Whatever Informationstechnologie is, she wants no part of it.

25. Their cultures clash… because he’s a modern man and she’s from ancient Greece, she’s a big-city Mädchen and he’s a small-town boy, or whatever you like. This can overlap with the next one.