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IM Sielecki reveals an entirely daring and new sicilian!

After months of experimenting and testing, well known spaces specialist International Master Christof Sielecki returns to Chessable with one thing really exciting, a variation that is completely new the Sicilian!

That’s right. This Sicilian is indeed new there’s no understood opening theory onto it aside from this repertoire the following on Chessable. And, who easier to show you than Chessable’s openings that are favorite and writer of Fight Like Magnus: The Sicilian

A Sicilian that is completely new Defense

Therefore, what is the Dirty Harry Sicilian? It really is a variation in the wild Sicilian that arises following the techniques 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Miramar escort service Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 h5!

And, just why is it called the Dirty Harry?! The title is an ode to Harry the h-pawn, a term of endearment created and popularized by Chessable’s in-house Grandmaster Simon that is mad Williams. And, at precisely the same time the title is a reference towards the United states neo-noir action-thriller Dirty Harry, featuring Clint Eastwood, which features an easily triggered and inspector that is highly aggressive.

The moment the h-pawn is pushed by you to h5 it is like one thing emotional takes place to many of my opponents online. They simply get crazy. They truly are actually triggered. -IM Christof Sielecki

And, so that the Dirty Harry variation regarding the Sicilian was created.

The shocking h-pawn thrust comes with aggressive motives. Ebony merely really wants to grow a knight on g4 almost immediately to either start a rather very early kingside assault or even cause mayhem into the camp that is white

This opening line contains a lot of traps and tricks as none of White’s typical set-ups work against 5. h5! therefore, it offers enormous shock value.

Shockingly noise and aggressive

Can Ebony really pull off this? IM Sielecki asked the exact same concern during their months-long research. And, after months of placing this line to your test utilizing the latest engines Stockfish and Leela, Sielecki discovered no clear refutation for White. It’s not only playable but it is really enjoyable and often contributes to positions which can be extremely un-Sicilian just as in very early queen techniques and checkmates that are quick. Yes, this opening is double-edged. But, in the event that you’re the greater prepared player then this can be an especially tricky and dangerous line to handle for almost any opponent.

Some tips about what this repertoire provides:

Harry! Harry! Harry!-GM Simon Williams

в™џ line that is completely new new some ideasв™џ shock gun: undermine the Open Sicilian as soon as move 5!в™џ A 30-minute beginner repertoire that will help you discover this variation todayв™џ saturated in dangerous tricks and traps for White to navigateв™џ Includes 26 model games that show the main element middlegame techniques in practical play

Then pushing Harry the h-pawn up the board in the Sicilian will surely stun your opponents if you’d love to take White out of his preparation as early as move 5.

Therefore, just do it make Ebony’s time. Enjoy dirty. Have fun with the Dirty Harry Sicilian.